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Do you supply towels, bedding & pillows?: Yes. Bring extra large towels & your favourite pillow if you like.
Do you have WIFI?: Yes.
Are their TVs in the Cabins?: Yes. Satellite TVs are in each cabin.
Do the cabins have A/C?: Yes. All of the cabins have A/C.
Do the cabins have 3 piece bathrooms and hot water?: Yes.
Do the cabins have electricity 24/7?: Yes.
Do the cabins have dishes, pots/pans, cutlery & BBQs?: Yes



NO smoking in the cabins. Ash trays and sand buckets are supplied for smoking outdoors.
Do NOT toss cigarette, cigar butts or any form of flammables on the ground.
Garbage goes in the garbage trailer.
Hang all wet towels to dry.

Turn off BBQ propane tank valve after each use.
Leave the cabin as clean as you found it, cleaning supplies are under the kitchen sink.
Please do not remake the beds on your departure day.
Leave used towels in the shower on your day of departure.



Do you supply Minnow Buckets for the rental boats?: Yes.
Do you supply PFDs (life jackets) for the rental boats?: Yes, but we do not have sizes to fit children or larger people. So please bring your own if you or your children fall into those categories. The law states that each PDF in the boat must properly fit each person in the boat.
Do you sell bait?: No. There are 3 baits shops very close by.
Do you supply fishing nets for the rental boats?: Yes.
Do you sell licenses?: No. Stop in town at any of the 3 bait shops for licenses. Or buy your license on line at Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry automated licensing website
Can we fish on the day of arrival?: Yes.
Can we fish in the evening?: Yes, but only till dusk as our rental boats do not have running lights.
What will the weather be like while we are there?: Check this site out a few days before you leave home to check the weather, then pack accordingly. Bring rain gear, cool & hot weather clothing and your swim suit in case you want to swim or go paddle boarding.
When is the best time for fishing?: Ask us while you are here, we're up on what is biting and where they are biting.
Can we take alcohol with us in the boat?: No. Alcohol is not permitted in the boats. It is a federal offense to drink & drive, even in a boat.


Do you sell Beer or Alcohol?: No, but you are welcome to bring your own. There is a liquor store at the local grocery store.
Do you have a store?: No. There is a grocery store nearby and a store that sells staples and really good ice cream cones!
What else can we do while we're there?: You can paddle along the shoreline to discover wildlife and gorgeous scenery, take your camera along, you will likely see some wildlife and amazing sunsets! Swim and enjoy the sun, read a book, watch TV, nap, hike the local trails, paddle board, canoe, hire a guide, go for a flight seeing trip in a float plane, visit the falls, go out for a nice meal, or all of the above.



A light weight rod for Walleye, Bass & Crappie, a medium to heavy weight rod for Northern, Trout & Musky
Spare line, 8 lb. test for light weight rods, 30lb. test braided line for medium to heavy rods.
Tackle box:
Jigs 1/8 - 3/8 oz. (typically 1/4 oz.) in any colour, plain lead colour works too.
Spinner Baits, with white skirts or colours combined with white. Good quality leaders, 6" minimum. Buck tails, CowGirls, Bulldogs. For bigger fish, the early season starts with smaller baits, as the season goes on, the baits get larger. You can always call us for details on what is working at the present time.


Bug repellent & "After Bite" or something similar, IE: a small bottle of ammonia
GPS, optional, but a good idea

Local map
Filet knife
First-Aid Kit
Rain gear
Clothing to suit the season
Personal items ie. medications, tooth brush & tooth paste, soap, shampoo etc.
Groceries for the duration of your stay. There is a well stocked grocery store close by.
Paper towels

Toilet paper
Garbage bags
Dry bag or pack sack to store rain gear, first aid kit, etc. while out for the day in a boat.
A deck of cards and/or a book or 2
PFD's (Personal Flotation Devices) to fit larger sizes or children
Pick up a copy of the current Fishing Regulations when you purchase your license, or go online to study up on the rules, regulations and laws.
Click HERE to get your Ontario Fishing License and get more information on Fishing in Ontario
We have current copies in the office and in the cabins.


Hunter's Blaze Orange to cover 60% of your body. Cammo orange is NOT legal in Ontario
Compass or GPS
Rain gear
Warm clothing, hat, gloves, extra socks
Extra boots
Waterproof matches
Game bags
Bleach if you plan to take a skull mount home
First-aid kit
Personal items ie. medications, tooth brush & tooth paste, soap, shampoo etc.
Groceries, coffee, tea
Dish soap, paper towels
A deck of cards and/or a book
A past or current hunting license from your home State or Province to purchase your Ontario license
Pick up a copy of the current Hunting Regulations when you purchase your license, or go online to study up on the rules and laws, please familiarize yourself with this publication.

Click HERE to get your Ontario Hunting License and get more information on Hunting in Ontario


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